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Waste education

Waste talks for community groups

We offer free education sessions to local community groups who want to find out more about how we manage waste, recycling and organics.

We can tailor sessions to cover topics of interest to your group. Sessions cover:

  • Sorting your waste, recycling and organics - how to 
  • Better recycling - tips
  • Greater Bendigo’s waste, recycling and organics - where does it go
  • Changes to how we manage waste, recycling and organics
  • Reducing waste - what everyone can do

The sessions run for 45 minutes and finish with a chance to ask questions.

Waste resources for childcare and kindergartens

Professional development and teaching resources for early learning providers and kindergartens.

Please contact us to book a free 60-minute staff professional development session. We will give you an overview of local waste management, answer your waste sorting questions and demonstrate how to use our education kit to introduce recycling, organics and general waste to your group.

The waste education kit features:

  • A 5-minute video featuring Ollie, Ruby and Wally - Bendigo's organics, recycling and waste mascots
  • Durable images to show what happens to each waste stream after it has been collected.

 Sessions can be held after hours if required. An education kit is supplied at the session.

Early childhood journey of waste

Waste education for schools

We run free waste education sessions in local primary and secondary schools.

Our staff tailor sessions to the age and size of the group and take students through a presentation and activities. 

We can work with groups of up to 35 students, run multiple classes over one day or during afterschool care.

Topics covered:

  • How to sort your waste, recycling and organics
  • Tips for better recycling 
  • Where does our waste, recycling and organics go
  • Changes to how we manage waste, recycling and organics
  • What we can do to reduce our waste

Session durations are set by year level:

  • Prep and grade 1 groups: 25 minutes
  • Grade 2 and older: 35-45 minutes 

All schools that run a waste education session are eligible for free compost.

Contact and bookings

To book a session or request an education kit, contact:

[email protected]

1300 002 642