Assistance dogs

In late 2023 the State Government made changes to the Domestic Animals Act 1994 that allows owners of Assistance Dogs to apply for an exemption to Animal Registration fees, provided certain criteria are met.

This fee exemption application is open to previously registered dogs as well as new dog registrations.

    What are the eligibility criteria?

    To be eligible for the fee exemption the applicant must provide reasonable evidence that:

    • They have a disability (as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992) and their assistance dog has been trained to alleviate the effects of that disability
    • Their dog is desexed and at least 12 months of age.
    • Their dog has completed obedience training from a suitably qualified person, either separately or as part of the training associated with the dog's role as an assistance dog

    This exemption does not apply to:

    • Dogs declared dangerous, menacing, or restricted breed
    • If the owner has been convicted of two or more offences under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, with respect to the assistance dog