Pet registration

Renewing your pet registration

Animal registrations must be renewed by April 10 every year. We send out a renewal notice to pet owners in March each year. Your animal is not registered until payment is received.

You can also pay your pet registration via your bank using BPAY, payment by mail and payment in person at a City of Greater Bendigo office, please see the back of the registration form for payment methods and instructions. Use the Computer ID number as your reference number.

Electronic registration renewals

If you would like to receive your pet registration renewal notice electronically, you can choose to sign up to eNotices or BPAY View. 

  • eNotices enables pet owners to receive their pet’s registration renewal notice via email. You will need to register online to receive your registration renewal notice.
  • BPAY View is a feature most online bank accounts will have. Apply through your bank to receive your pet’s registration renewal notice and pay with BPAY.

Pet registration fees

These fees are valid from January 2, 2023. 

Dog registration fees

Desexed: $47.00 ($23.50 concession) 

10+ years old: $47.00 ($23.50 concession) 

Dogs kept for breeding by the proprietor of a domestic animal business conducted on registered premises: $47.00 ($23.50 concession) 

Dogs registered with an applicable organisation, if their owners are members of the applicable organisation with which the dogs are registered: $47.00 ($23.50 concession) 

Dogs that have completed obedience training which complies with regulations: $47.00 ($23.50 concession). Applicable Organisations are:

Dogs kept by a primary producer on a rural property (with a current PIC) for working stock: $47.00 ($23.50 concession).  This discount applies to:

  • Primary producers involved in Animal Production or anyone contracted by one of those Primary Producers.
  • Where the Dog is primarily kept or trained for the purpose of droving, protecting, tending or working stock on a farm.
  • Evidence of the Property Identification Code must be provided.
  • The City will accept evidence of a Property Identification Code as proof of Primary Producer status.

Declared dangerous, Restricted Breed or Menacing Dog: $141.00

All other dogs: $141.00 ($70.50 concession) 

Cat registration fees

Desexed: $39.00 ($19.50 concession) 

10+ years old: $39.00 ($19.50 concession)

Kept for breeding by domestic animal business on registered premises: $39.00 ($19.50 concession) 

Registered with the applicable organisation: $39.00 ($19.50 concession) 

All other cats: $117.00 ($58.50 concession)