Reporting dead, injured or wandering animals

Dead animal removal

We are responsible for removing dead animals from roads and public areas. Please report them to us by phone: 1300 002 642

Injured or wandering animals

Animals are at risk and can pose a danger to motorists or pedestrians if they are wandering on public roads and areas. 


Domestic animals

Injured or wandering domestic animals on roads or public areas should be reported to us by phone: 1300 002 642


Native animals

Injured or orphaned native animals such as kangaroos, possums, lizards and snakes on roads or in public areas should be reported to:

  • Wildlife Rescue & Information Network Inc. (WRIN) on 0419 356 433 (24 hours)
  • Greater Bendigo Wildlife Rescue on 0493 814 578
  • Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service (WRES) on 0427 301 401


Stock on road

Stock on road represents a significant danger to motorists. Any loose or wandering stock should be reported to us immediately by calling: 1300 002 642

Owners of stock should take care to ensure that fencing is properly maintained.