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Road and street maintenance

We are responsible for the construction and maintenance of all roads in Greater Bendigo, except for VicRoads main arterial roads, and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning tracks.

Our works program includes grading of rural roads, re-building, resealing and maintenance of guideposts, footpath, kerb and channel, line marking, and guard rails. All roads are inspected and maintained in accordance with our Road Management Plan.

Street sweeping

We have a program of street sweeping which ranges from daily sweeping to sweeping as required.

Drainage maintenance

We will clear pipes, pits, culverts, or drains of blockages, with the exception of driveways or crossovers (residents are encouraged to maintain).

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of household drains up to the point where they connect into the kerb and channel or underground drain.

Please report a problem with stormwater drainage or excessive run-off from buildings via [email protected]


For more information please contact:

[email protected]

1300 002 642