Urban tree management

If the tree protection measures in these guidelines can't be met, please contact one of our arborists to arrange a site visit on:

[email protected]

1300 002 642

Tree management program

All urban trees managed by the City are inspected and maintained on a regular cycle by qualified arborists. The Proactive Tree Management Program is divided into 17 zones, each of which is inspected and works programmed as required at least once every four years. Trees within the city centre and in high profile parks and gardens are inspected annually.

Tree maintenance requests

Our in-house crews and contractors manage and prioritise tree works and maintenance requests and clean up after storm events. 

To ask about tree inspections or request tree maintenance, planting, pruning or stump removal use our online form or contact Customer Service on 1300 002 642

Elm tree management

The City is responsible for managing approximately 3,600 historic Elms in parks, gardens and road reserves across Greater Bendigo. We protect the City's Elms from Elm Leaf Beetle by applying a series of soil injections around the base of the trees every second year. 

The City does not treat Elm trees on private property.