During an emergency

Emergency Services Meeting

Emergency management involves everyone – you, agencies and your community.

Managing emergencies is a shared responsibility between individuals, agencies and the community.

Role of Council

  • During a local emergency we support the emergency service agencies with resources
  • Council also has a major role in the coordination of relief and recovery services for our community
  • Preparation of the Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Role of Emergency Services

  • Emergency management roles and responsibilities are defined in the Victorian State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP)
  • Each type of emergency has a nominated control agency
  • Victoria Police have the responsibility of ensuring there is effective control for response to the emergency

Your Role

What you can do

If you have a life-threatening emergency dial 000 (triple zero).

Keep calm and follow the advice of emergency services. If you think you may be in danger try to get to a safe place and listen or watch the local emergency broadcaster for updates.

Put your emergency plan into action.

If you can’t get back to your home or need help with food or other requirements listen or watch local emergency broadcaster to find out where council relief centres are located.

Council response

During a local emergency we support the emergency services agencies with resources and the coordination of relief and recovery services for our community.

During an emergency, council works as a support agency. If needed, we will activate a Municipal Operations Centre (MOC), where resources are coordinated for the relief and recovery effort.

When people have been displaced or can’t get to their homes, Council will open an Emergency Relief Centre (ERC) offering shelter, first aid, catering, information, personal support and emergency assistance

Other agencies

Depending on the nature of the emergency a control agency such as the CFA, VicSES and Victoria Police VicPOL will manage the incident and define further activities.

Contact us

For more information about emergency management contact us on 1300 002 642