Plan and prepare for bushfires

Man clearing leaves from gutter

To help prevent fires that damage property, livestock and threaten our safety, you can:

  • Understand fire restrictions
  • Observe total fire bans
  • Dispose of rubbish the right way
  • Reduce fuel on your property
  • Learn about the bushfire risk in your area

Search for the Local information to prepare, act and survive a bushfire.

Reduce the bushfire risk on your property

You must remove fire hazards from your property before the Fire Danger Period and keep it clear. This includes cutting long grass, removing fallen timber and rubbish, and clearing leaves and branches from gutters.

Check if you need a planning permit before you remove native vegetation. Contact our Fire Prevention Officer or Planning Department on 1300 002 642.

Burning off to reduce solid fuel should be a last option. Find out about Fires, Burn-offs and Permits.

Dispose of your green waste by using your organics bin, or visit a local landfill or transfer station. Go to Landfills and Recycling Centres.

If you are concerned about potential fire hazards on a neighbour’s property, please contact us on phone 1300 002 642.

Understand fire restrictions

City of Greater Bendigo is in the Northern Country Total Fire Ban District. CFA declares the Fire Danger Periods by municipality during periods of increased fire risk.

Total Fire Bans are declared by CFA on days when fires are likely to spread rapidly and be difficult to control.

For today’s bans and ratings or to check on planned burns or warnings and understand fire danger ratings go to the CFA website.

Find out what you can and can't do during the declared Fire Danger Period and on days of Total Fire Ban. Go to the CFA website: Can I or Can’t I?

Call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line 1800 240 667 or listen to radio ABC - 91.1 FM or 774 AM

Learn about the bushfire risk in your area

Attend a Fire Ready Victoria community meeting to learn about the bushfire risk in your area and how you can prepare your property, make a fire plan and survive. 

Fire Ready Victoria meetings are coordinated by the CFA with local brigades and councils.

Preparing Greater Bendigo for the fire season

We prepare our outdoor spaces at the end of spring when grasses begin to dry out and before the fire season begins. Our fire management program includes maintenance in reserves, playgrounds, walking and cycling tracks as well as many other areas.

To ensure that we are all ready for the threat of summer bushfires, we have a Fire Management Plan and Annual Bushfire Readiness Program. This includes:

  • Inspecting private property for fire prevention purposes
  • Slashing the vegetation on those roadsides that are identified as fire breaks
  • Preparing council reserves
  • Assisting to educate and inform the community
  • Assisting vulnerable residents to plan and prepare for an emergency
  • Maintaining fire access tracks
  • Working with the CFA to identify Bushfire Places of Last Resort

Contact us

For more information about emergency management contact us on 1300 002 642.

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