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Cr Jennifer Alden

Councillor Jen Alden

Lockwood Ward

Cr Alden is looking forward to her second term and the opportunity to continue to advocate on the importance of community health and wellbeing and supporting the equitable development of services, infrastructure and strategies that enable this.

She is interested in creating well-designed, resilient and prosperous communities that benefit from future-focused decision making that takes climate and biodiversity breakdown and future generations into account.

Her aim is to support employment pathways and job creation via innovation. This applies to business and the manufacturing industry with renewable energy technologies in areas such as waste and resource recovery plus environmentally sustainable affordable housing construction. She sees the visitor economy, with hospitality and its links to food and culture with the City of Gastronomy as a critical part of the COVID recovery.

Cr Alden has lived in Bendigo for 38 years with her husband Peter and the couple has two daughters and three grandchildren.