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Mayor Andrea Metcalf

Cr Andrea Metcalf

Whipstick Ward

Cr Metcalf is a lifelong resident of Bendigo and is returning to Council for a second term. She is focused on being accessible to the community and looks forward to hearing from and meeting with residents throughout this term. So as the community understands her decision making, Cr Metcalf also looks forward to continuing her record on speaking to most matters before Council.

Cr Metcalf is passionate about support for the business community in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and also wants to see the development of a sustainable outcome to manage waste as the Eaglehawk Landfill approaches the end of its life.

She also understands the importance of community facilities and is a keen supporter of Greater Bendigo’s rural communities, and wants to help them develop and maintain their unique characteristics. 

Cr Metcalf lives with her husband Jason and has two adult children.