Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee, Director Strategy and Growth

Director Strategy and Growth

Bachelor of Business

Rachel Lee is a highly capable and strategic leader with experience at the Local and State government level. 

She has excellent community engagement skills and experience in collaborating with a range of stakeholders to deliver complex projects. 

Her previous roles include Executive Director Regional Integration and Bendigo Delivery for the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games, Executive Director Rochester Recovery Taskforce at Emergency Recovery Victoria and as a Regional Director with Regional Development Victoria. 

Rachel also has previous experience working at the City, including with roles in tourism, economic development and major projects, and oversaw the delivery of key projects including Ulumbarra Theatre, the Edward Street Car Park and Bendigo Airport runway. 

The Strategy and Growth directorate’s overarching role is to contribute to the economic, cultural and social prosperity of our region by identifying and supporting investment opportunities, employment generation, and integrated planning to support the sustainable growth of our city and region. 

The directorate is responsible for:

  • Bendigo Art Gallery
  • The Capital and Ulumbarra theatres
  • Economic development and business services
  • Strategic planning
  • Statutory planning
  • Tourism and visitor services
  • Major event delivery, including Bendigo Easter Festival
  • Bendigo Airport
  • Bendigo Livestock Exchange