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Bendigo Creek

Bendigo Creek

Woman Running in Spring Gully Reserve
Woman Running in Spring Gully Reserve

Experience Bendigo's unique heritage, history and attractions along Bendigo Creek.

A good way to see the creek is via the Bendigo Creek Trail for walkers and cyclists. The trail traces its course north-east from Crusoe Reservoir, past natural bush and historic landmarks, all the way to Bendigo Pottery in Epsom.

Along the way you will see Bendigo’s grand buildings and civic spaces, nineteenth century miners’ cottages and domestic streetscapes in the suburbs, as well as open natural bush.

It is a very popular way to travel, exercise or enjoy the scenery. Visit many key environmental and tourist sites along the way including Rosalind Park in the heart of Bendigo, Lake Weeroona in North Bendigo and the Bendigo Botanic Gardens in White Hills.

For more information about local trails, call in at the Bendigo Visitor Centre or go to the Bendigo Tourism website: cycling and walking trails

Flora and fauna

Many iconic species live in the creek including native fish, amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles. The Sacred Kingfisher can occasionally be spotted along the creek.


There are many sites along the creek where you can have a picnic, enjoy some bird watching or even pan for gold.

Managing Bendigo Creek

Many sections of the Bendigo Creek and its tributaries are managed by the City. We work closely with other land management authorities to improve the creeks environmental and aesthetic values.

The creek has been modified greatly throughout its history. It began as a 'chain of ponds' containing fresh water for the local Dja Dja Wurrung people.