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Wolstencroft Reserve Playspace

Wolstencroft Reserve Playspace
Wolstencroft Reserve Playspace

The Wolstencroft Reserve Playspace includes a shaded seating area allowing a central “lookout” observation point to the play spaces climbing and sliding elements.

The reserve offers a large open lawn area for informal sports and activities and a connecting path network with a main path from Havlin Street East to the corner of Rodney and Wolstencroft Streets with secondary loops for exercising and linking elements. 


Play equipment
  • Triple swing 
  • Mining cart track / mining cart 
  • Mining hut and sandpit 
  • Basket swing 
  • Dual trampoline 
  • Adventure play unit 
  • Single flying fox
  • Parkour / climbing rocks
  • Dual mound slides 
  • Natural play rock and log garden beds 
  • Large, sheltered area with picnic table
  • Drinking water taps 
  • Bike parking 
  • Deciduous trees within playspace
  • Evergreen trees outside playspace

Parking is available at the front of the playspace on Wolstencroft Street.