Walk or ride

Greater Bendigo has lots of on-road and off-road walking and cycling routes that connect townships, major suburbs and surrounding open spaces. When we walk and ride we contribute to creating better places and environments, healthier people, better connected communities and more viable businesses.

Benefits of walking and riding

The benefits of participating in physical activities such as walking and cycling are well documented. Not only do individuals benefit from a health and wellbeing perspective, but the whole community benefits from a greater sense of community, social interaction, economic opportunities, improvement to the environment and urban congestion, air and noise pollution, reduction in crime and a healthier society.

Walking and cycling are activities that can be integrated into everyday life as daily transport and recreation making it easier to meet recommended physical activity targets. International research shows that people who walk and cycle regularly are more likely to be happy and have a lower risk of depression.

In recent years electric bicycles have improved in quality, availability and affordability. Electric bicycles allow more people the opportunity to comfortably travel by bicycle extending distance travelled, riding age into later life and similar overall physical activity benefits compared to push bicycles.

You don’t have to walk or ride everyday to see the benefits, so consider walking or riding one day in five and:

  • Have fun and socialise
  • Improve health and get some exercise
  • Save time and money
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce traffic
  • Care for the environment

Maps for walking or riding

Discover cycling routes, walking options and ways you can connect your journey with public transports options.

Riding safety tips and intersections

Read our riding safety tips and options for getting through busy intersections.

Where to park a bike

Remember to bring your own bike lock.

  • Bike hoops - there are a number of bike hoops around Bendigo to park your bike
  • Hargreaves Street multi storey car park - Undercover, secure and free. Access via the internal vehicle access ramp off Hargreaves Street
  • Edwards Street multi storey car park - Undercover, secure and free. Access via Queen St, through the lane way located adjacent to the vehicle entrance
  • Parkiteer at Bendigo and Kangaroo Flat Train Stations - Public Transport Victoria offers a free service called Parkiteer, a secure bike cage with 24-hour access. You can register to use Parkiteer, and get your access card

Shared paths

Shared paths are for people of all ages and abilities, and for multiple uses, including pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, runners and people with prams or walking dogs. Follow this etiquette to ensure everyone has safe and comfortable use of shared paths.

    Shared path etiquette

    Pedestrians (including people on foot or on wheeled devices such as wheelchairs)

    • Keep left unless it’s not possible to do so
    • Move in a predictable manner and check for other path-users before changing direction
    • Keep your dog under control along shared paths and pick up after them
    • Help children with you keep left, and explain shared path etiquette to them
    • Stay aware of your surroundings even if using headphones
    • Listen for warning bells or calls from other path-users and allow faster path-users to pass
    • If you have stopped to talk with someone, stand off the path to allow other path-users to pass

    Riders (including people on bicycles)

    • Give way to pedestrians
    • Keep left unless it’s not possible to do so
    • Move at a relaxed speed and slow down when passing others so you can stop quickly
    • Pass other people on the right and warn them you’re passing in advance by ringing your bell or using your voice
    • Take care around children and dogs who can be unpredictable
    • Help children with you keep left, and explain shared path etiquette to them including warning other path-users of your approach
    • Ring your bell or use your voice to let others know as you go into blind corners or underpasses
    • Be visible by using lights and wearing bright clothes when it gets dark