Maps for walking and riding

Maps for bikes

This map shows protected cycling infrastructure and on-road options to help you plan your trip.

Please scan the route you intend to take to familiarise yourself with on-road sections and plan how to make your way through intersections. In some cases you may need to dismount your bike and walk it through an intersection. Be aware that there is variability within mapped categories, and riding conditions may change based on weather, day or time.

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If data is not displaying in the online map, you may need to clear cached data in your web browser.

Maps for pedestrians

Walking and riding are activities that can be integrated into everyday life as daily transport and recreation, and can be used in combination with other forms of transport for longer trips.

Park and walk to the city centre map

If you have a longer trip but still want to incorporate walking or riding, try catching public transport or driving part way and walking or riding the rest. The park and walk map provides some suggestions for parking options and walking routes to and from the city centre.

Walking to and from railway stations

Walking to or from public transport is also a great option. The railway station walking maps show just how much is within walking distance of some of the railway stations around Bendigo.

Footpaths and shared paths

You can view the location of footpaths and shared paths online to help you plan your trip.

Connecting with public transport

Depending on where you’re coming from, you may want to incorporate a bus or train into your trip. Combining walking or riding with public transport is a popular way to get around.

Parkiteer bike parking

Public Transport Victoria offers a free service called Parkiteer at Bendigo and Kangaroo Flat Train Stations. It is a secure bike cage with 24-hour access. You can register to use Parkiteer, and get your access card through Bicycle Network

Bikes on buses

Bike racks have been installed on buses travelling along 14 local routes in Bendigo and the Bendigo to Heathcote route. For more information on how to use bikes racks on buses including a video, have a look at the Public Transport Victoria website

Bikes on V/Line trains

Folding bikes can be carried on V/Line trains and conventional bikes can be carried if there is adequate space availability; more information available on the Public Transport Victoria website