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Members of the public can lodge written questions to be addressed during council meetings. Questions must be about topics that are of broad interest to Council and the community.

Questions, as well as petitions and joint letters, are tabled at the start of each ordinary meeting of Greater Bendigo City Council. A maximum of 30 minutes is allocated for this process.

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Question guidelines

Questions relating to routine works or planning matters will not be accepted for public question time.

We accept only one written question per person per meeting. If the same or a similar question is raised by more than one person, an answer may be given as a combined response.

If time runs out before all registered questions are answered, responses will be provided in writing or referred to the next meeting, if appropriate.

The Mayor and/or CEO have the right to decline a question if it:

  • Is subject to legal proceedings
  • Can be more appropriately addressed by other means
  • Is vague or lacking in substance, irrelevant, frivolous, insulting, offensive, improper, defamatory or demeaning
  • Will compromise his/her position to respond
  • Is relevant to information that is confidential, or commercial-in-confidence

How question time works

Your question must be received by Council before 12 noon on the day of the meeting. The questions will be read out by a Council representative and answered by the Mayor. If the information is not available then and there, a written response will be provided to you following the meeting.

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This includes several bin requests such as missed bins, footpath maintenance, tree inspections and general requests. Visit our make a request page.

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